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RC-Bearings.com Ltd.

Thank you for visiting RC-Bearings.com, where you can find thousands of products with the incredible low price.Also we will try out best to develop so much upgrade Bearings parts for your Toys.

RC-Bearings.com is a fast growing e-commerce company Since 2018, developing online retailing business heading globally. We distribute a wide range of Toys and Hobby Bearings products to over 10,000 customers across the globe; from RC Car Bearings,RC Crawler Bearings,RC Truck Bearings related products to consumer electronic goods. As innovative and experienced online retailer, RC-Bearings establish a new style of shopping experience and excellent service, bring quality results and develop sustainable relationships with our valued customer. . And we have serve for many brand on amazon,ebay etc .Welcome to cooperation.
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Why should I buy from RC-Bearings.com?

In the world more than 90% of all RC models are made in China.
90% of which are majorities in Guangdong,
RC-Bearings.com located in of chenghai, shantou,GuangDong. [Toy production base]

Our promise:

We promise to our customer:

  • Offer our customers the best price and service;
  • Simply the buying and paying process;
  • Deliver goods to our customers all over the world quickly;
  • Ensure the excellent quality of our products.



Our Company Address:

chenghai yutanlu xi 15-512
518000, Shantou , GuangDong

CEO: Mr. Wu
Emal: rc-bearings@outlook.com